Octue is a platform for managing engineering processes.

We originally built Octue to run our own applications - simulations and analyses for the wind power sector. Opening the platform up allowed our customers to collaborate and build our tools into their processes (as well as deploy their own legacy applications easily to the cloud).

Octue is coming into beta with our strategic development partners in Autumn 2017. Come and join us!


Tom Clark is a co-founder of Octue, and our technical lead.

Tom is the author of multiple patents on turbine control and environmental data processing techniques, as well as numerous academic papers. He has a PhD in turbulent fluid flow and more than 10 years experience in fluid dynamics, turbine design and software development for renewables.

Nicola Pearson is a co-founder of Octue, and our commercial lead.

Nicola is an experienced commercial manager with a background in non-destructive testing for asset management. She has an MBA and has worked within organisations to identify sources of risk and develop organisational responses (including behavioural change and choice of monitoring indices).