Data inside out.

Twined is a toolbox to help specify what data you need.

Validate, create, communicate

With this fundamental set of operations in place, it’s much quicker and easier to access, assess and analyse data, and to create data services like digital twins.
And whatever you build will be shareable and scalable, so others can build on your work.

How to begin


Build your own front-ends for scientific data, using these components ready-made in React.


Offshore wind turbine jacket
Achieving Scalability

The engineering industry is alight with the phrase “Digital Twin” — a tool in the armoury of someone tasked with making decisions based on data. But what about when the system you are modelling gets really complicated?

Graphic of server racks with Octue colours
CBA to choose a stack?

When creating webapps and cloud infrastructure, you're presented with some pretty bewildering options. This article looks at how to choose between different stacks and frameworks, using Cost Benefit Analysis.

An overall schematic cartoon showing data ingress from a turbine to a cloud data lake
From Blade to BigQuery

Our Senior Software Engineer walks you through the Aerosense Data Gateway, an end-to-end example of getting data from the edge all the way through to a data lake

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